Capacity building and strengthening the ability, competence and resources of AMURT & AMURTEL to adapt and thrive in the fast-changing world.


  • To have the ability to do projects or services in a community or disaster area.

  • What are the required qualifications to manage the projects and services.

  • How and where to obtain a qualification.


  • Social issues and crises relevant to AMURT / EL.

  • Why things happens - background of today's behaviour and problems.

  • Informative, educational and practical solutions.

  • Help, materials and other things urgently needed.


  • Available funds, materials and human resources.

  • Private and public sector contacts.

  • Team members skills and qualifications.

  • Coordination of HR, information, materials and funds.


  • Community survey, issue case study, and administrative advice.

  • National and regional plan strategies.

  • Private and public funding opportunities.

  • Write proposals, implement and maintain the project.

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