700 homeless youth in Helsinki

700 homeless youth in Helsinki

Affordable housing is hard to find for young people and homelessness among under-25s is a growing concern, says Miki Mielonen, project manager for the youth department of the city council and founder of Homes that Fit.

“Official figures suggest there are about 700 homeless people under 25 in Helsinki but the reality is at least three times bigger [because] youth homelessness is more of a hidden problem”, he explains.

No permanent address but sofa-surfing at friends’houses. In Helsinki rent is really expensive where even the most basic accommodation can command €600. Among other reasons, parents can lecture all they want, but many teens in Finland simply aren’t interested in school. Up to 13 percent of the age group of Finland’s 18 to 29 year olds dropped out of comprehensive school in 2012. And the percentage is increasing. Researchers have no full explanation for why this is so.

Lot of people including young are coming to Helsinki from other cities in Finland. Either they don’t have the qualification or experience to get a job which efforts the rent. Lack of affordable rental housing affects the homelessness situation.


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