UniCredit Italy Bank grants – A gesture that reaches the heart

UniCredit Italy Bank grants – A gesture that reaches the heart

Support + vote for AMURT ITALY: 13 December 2018 to 31 January 2019

With your vote you can help AMURT Italy to participate in the allocation of a part of € 200,000 that will be donated by UniCredit Bank of Italy. In addition, you can multiply the value of your help: after voting, donates at least € 10 and your vote will be multiplied by 6.

AMURT Italy is collaborating with Unicredit Italy Bank which has put out a call for all non-profit organisations in Italy. AMURT is a voluntary association created in India in 1965. It was created with the aim of serving humanity, in particular by helping the poor and the most disadvantaged social groups in the world. It operates in the various areas of humanitarian emergency and development aid, mainly through micro-projects and other concrete actions, but without neglecting the political and advocacy areas. One of AMURT’s main activities is the creation and management of homes for orphans or children in need all over the world (Childrens Home), where children of all ages can find long-term hospitality, nurturing, education, and affection. they need, until they reach the age of majority.

The amount of Euro 200,000 which will be allocated to the participating Associations in proportion to the number of votes that each association receives from it’s supporters, approximately one vote gives € 2.30.

Vote before: 31 JANUARY 2019

The voting contest helps AMURT Italy to show the supporting strength with the help of it’s global members. The fund will be distributed to different AMURT Italy supported projects around the world.

The voting ends on: 31st January 2019.

Status: Open

Applicant: AMURT Italy


An unique opportunity for AMURT Italy to support different AMURT projects around the world with the amount you will create with your vote. It only costs few minutes of your time and you will make a difference.

Amount received: € …. (announced in February)


Vote via social media or email: https://www.ilmiodono.it

1. VOTA VIA SOCIAL (Vote by Social Media) or VOTA VIA EMAIL (Vote by Email)

3. Verify that you are a real person by selecting the relevant images

4. Conferma il tuo voto via e-mail

Confirm your vote by e-mail: If you have not already done so, check your e-mail address immediately and click on the link in the email you received to confirm your vote. In case you do not find these emails in the inbox, check also in the “Spam” folder.

5. “GRAZIE PER IL TUO VOTO” (thank you for your vote).

6. You will receive an email: “Certificato Votazione ilMioDono – UniCredit” (certificate) with a similar message as below:

On 6 January 2019 Rasatmakananda Dada voted for the A.M.U.R.T. ITALY ONLUS. Thank you Rasatmakananda for your vote. You have been a great help. Do you want to leave your mark? Add a donation of at least € 10 and your vote is worth 6 points. DONATE NOW, or Find out how to contribute, Thank you.

7. Thank you for your vote and forwarding this mail,

AMURT Italy Team

NOTE: If you didn’t manage to vote, or unsure, please send me (Dada Rasatmakananda) your name and email address. I will vote in your name. After the voting, UniCredit Bank will send one confirmation mail to your email address. Once you validate the vote, please let me know.

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