Major problems that the Netherlands faces today?

Major problems that the Netherlands faces today?

1) Integration and the “multicultural” society: We’ve had 30-40 years of failed integration policy dreamt up diplomatic idealists who assume that as long as everyone is fed and educated, people will simply “get along”. People who were born here, grew up here, and now run this country cannot have a good idea of what is going on between different ethnic and cultural groups because they’ve never lived among them (or should I say us?).

2) The European Union and Eurozone: How much power do we give to Brussels? How do we negotiate and work with a government that consists of different countries with different objectives and different cultural backgrounds? A United States of Europe is a fairytale supported by overzealous diplomats who care about “european integration” because it fosters their careers more than anything. We do not share a language, we do not share a culture. How are we going to deal with anti-EU politicians who are exploiting economic malaise and anti-immigrant sentiments to argue against the EU?

3) Population-ageing: Babyboomers have now retired. How do we deal with the healthcare (and other) costs of these people while we have less people left to work? How do we manage our healthcare expenses and how do we balance out how many services are provided to the elderly? How do we communicate this to the population, as the Netherlands has a culture where the elderly live separately from their children (because we have good healthcare for the elderly).

September 2015

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