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AMURT North-West new projects for Liverpool

AMURT North West, Liverpool has secured an office and classroom space at the Crawford House Community Centre (Off Princess Park), where induction,  training, classes and other activities will be organised. This will be helpful in expanding the BREKI project and starting three other planned projects:

1. Befriending Club (part of BREKI project):

The main aim is for ex- asylum seekers in Liverpool is to help newcomers to settle in after their arrival to the city. To run integration programmes that aims to help the newcomers to integrate into the society. How to ENGLISH classes will be organised, providing day to day basic communicative English syllabus to the asylum seekers and those who are interested to participate in that class. UoL students and other volunteers may be trained to teach the classes.

3. COMB(community building):

Working in partnership with DIY companies in Merseyside. The idea is to adopt and to re-generate streets e.g. doing painting and decoration front of houses and improving the outlook of the streets. To create committee members among the community to manage their own streets. To empower the communi-ties, creating the sense of community and belonging.

AMURT North-West:

  • To provide to disaster relief.
  • To set up a relief base in Liverpool.
  • To get part time project assistants.

2. MEOW(Meals for the Elders On the Wheels):

This will be ‘meals on wheels’ service. Fresh, hot food will be made and delivered to elders in and around Liverpool. MEOW project will also offer befriending and shopping support to the elders. Service users will also be taught IT skills to help prevent social isolation; they will be able to connect with the world via the internet and stay in contact with friends and family. Basic DIY help and relief to their carers will be offered where possible.